Honing Abrasives


Ohio Tool Works manufactures the honing industry’s highest quality line of standard, custom, and replacement vitrified honing abrasives designed to meet the needs of customers from any industry in the world. Whatever your application or production volume, we offer a complete line of conventional abrasive types, grades, sizes, and mounting configurations.



We offer several different “Metalbonded” Honing abrasive configurations to fit a variety of applications. We will tailor a bond for your specific application to increase tool life as well as tailor an abrasive to meet your specific surface finish requirements. Metal Bond Abrasive selections include CBN and Diamond. When utilizing Metalbond as opposed to Vitrified bonds, the life and cutting action of the abrasive increases greatly. Bonds can be modified to give the operator excellent abrasive life and increase productivity.


• Abrasive cross-sections from .06” and above and lengths to 8.0”

• Hybrid ceramic & related products

• Impregnated fiber sticks

• Conventional & custom mountings



• Premium metalbonds

• Synthetic & natural diamond

• Monocrystalline CBN premium abrasive

• Conventional & custom mountings

Ohio Tool Works is an American-owned manufacturer of precision industrial honing machines, tooling, abrasives, filtration systems, and consumables.  With a customer base ranging from multi-national manufacturers to owner-operated machine shops, OTW provides a full line of honing equipment and accessories for a broad range of bore-finishing needs.  Manufactured and assembled with uncompromising care in our 80,000 sq. ft. plant in Ashland, Ohio, OTW consistently outperforms our competitors in terms of precision, productivity, and tool life.