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What makes the Hardinge Super-Precision T-Series machines stand out from the crowd?

November 22, 2023 - HARDINGE BLOG

Precision is at the heart of manufacturing, and in the ever-evolving world of machinery, the Hardinge Super Precision T-Series CNC Lathe stands out as a testament to innovative engineering and cutting-edge design. With three distinct spindle capacities – 42, 51, and 65 millimeters – the T-Series is born out of our engineers’ dedication to craft a machine that embodies precision, rigidity, and enduring performance.

One of the hallmark features of the T-Series is its Y-axis and live tooling options. These functionalities don’t just enable milling, but they also offer precise on-centerline hard turning and the capability to turn extremely tight tolerance forms and profiles. For manufacturers keen on efficiency and minimizing transfer errors, the added sub-spindle option ensures both sides of a part can be finished seamlessly in a single setup. To further boost precision, both the main and sub-spindle come collet-ready. This design choice ensures that parts are cut nearer to the spindle bearings, guaranteeing unmatched rigidity and stability.

Precision is a multifaceted concept, and several features in the T-Series accentuate its dedication to this principle:

1. Thermal Control: The temperature-controlled spindle and coolant systems ensure size consistency throughout operational hours. Additionally, being the heaviest machines in their class, they provide enhanced thermal mass, as well as adding further rigidity to the setup.

2. Positional Accuracy: Boasting programmability up to five decimal places, this machine can position a tool with an astonishing repeatability of 20 millionths of an inch. This is made possible by its glass scales, accurate to 10 millionths of an inch, furnishing the machine with a closed feedback loop for pinpoint positional awareness.

Beyond the technical precision, the T-Series is also tailored to save manufacturers both time and money:

• Enhanced Tool Life: Our machine exhibits a remarkable 30% longer tool lifespan compared to competitors. This is due to its unparalleled rigidity and the machine’s capability to position the tool precisely on the centerline, enabling the tool to cut exactly as designed.

• Reduced Set-Up Time: With its advanced positional capabilities, operators can tune in a first good part with just a single round of offset changes.

• Ease of Operation: Incorporating the new Fanuc IHMI with the Fanuc 31ib control, the learning curve for operators has been dramatically shortened, ensuring swift and efficient training.

In conclusion, for high-end manufacturers seeking a turning solution that epitomizes precision, efficiency, and innovation, the Hardinge Super Precision T-Series CNC Lathe is an investment that promises unparalleled results. Secure your competitive edge with a machine built on the tenets of excellence and dedication to quality.