OTW Honing Oil

Keep your honing machine running like-new for years to come with OTW honing oil.

OTW honing oils are specially formulated and tested to cool, flush, and optimize various honing operations. This oil contains elevated additive levels and higher viscosity to provide the ultimate boost to material removal rates, stone life, and bore finish.

Honing Fluids

Using the right honing is an essential part of bore sizing precision, finish, and efficiency. OTW makes it easy with our specialty honing lubricants, which are specifically formulated and tested to cool, flush, and optimize your honing operation. OTW’s proprietary cutting fluids help customers optimize their material removal rates, extend their abrasive and tooling life, and obtain superior bore finishes.

About Ohio Tool Works

Ohio Tool Works is an American-owned manufacturer of precision industrial honing machines, tooling, abrasives, filtration systems, and consumables.  With a customer base ranging from multi-national manufacturers to owner-operated machine shops, OTW provides a full line of honing equipment and accessories for a broad range of bore-finishing needs.  Manufactured and assembled with uncompromising care in our 80,000 sq. ft. plant in Ashland, Ohio, OTW consistently outperforms our competitors in terms of precision, productivity, and tool life.