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The Quilts of Valor's Veterans Day Visit to Hardinge

November 15, 2021 - Hardinge Blog
Veterans Day Blog Post

Veterans Day Blog Post 2On Veterans Day, November 11th, Hardinge was honored to host the Southern Tier Quilts of Valor at our Elmira, NY facility. The organization honors those who have served in the military by presenting veterans with handmade quilts from an individual quilter. The event was held in the Hardinge employee cafeteria, and Hardinge’s HR Assistant Claire Touschner sang the Star Spangled Banner to begin ceremony. Following the rendition, members of the Quilts of Valor prepared a brief introduction which included explaining what goes into every Quilt of Valor: it must be handmade, awarded to a Service Member touched by war, and must be officially awarded and recorded. Eleven veterans were invited to sit in front of the Hardinge Employees of Honor wall to be individually commended for their service to the United States of America. Veterans Day Blog Post 1Following a recognition of their individual achievements, each veteran was presented with a handmade quilt, along with a book about their own military accolades. For each veteran, the quilt was wrapped around them by members of the Quilts of Valor, and a hug was given to every Service Member. The event concluded with a moving message of thanks from all at the Quilts of Valor.

To every Service Member at Hardinge, we are honored to have you as part of our family, and we are extremely proud to carry on the legacy for which you have so gravely fought by renewing our pledge to keep manufacturing in the United States of America. Thank you for your service, and thank you for continuing to carry on the legacy of this amazing country.


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