Why should you invest in a Hardinge FlexC System?

  • One of the most affordable options on the marketflexc-side
  • Now offering the largest size range of Quick-Change Collets in the market
  • Now offering 100mm 120mm 140mm and 160mm
  • 10x the grip range of standard collets +/-.020
  • 100mm collets +/-.040 2x as accurate (.0004 tir)
  • True parallel gripping
  • Fully interchangeable with competitor models (42, 65, & 100mm)
  • Lifetime guarantee on collet vulcanization
  • Up to 19x faster changeover versus standard collets or 3 jaw chucks

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Eliminate costly and time consuming changeovers

FlexC Adapters are ideal for shops looking for ultimate flexibility! Now in one setup a customer can use multiple workholding options, eliminating costly and time consuming changeovers!

When upgrading to the latest FlexC design there is no need to throw away your old existing inventory of old collets as they will work with our system!

In one setup you can use:

  • FlexC Quick Change Collets
  • 5C/16C Collet Adapter
  • Sure-Grip Expanding Collets
  • 5C/16C Step Chucks & Closers

Note: Adapters are not Thru hole compatible

FlexC Chuck styles available

1. Style A (Pull-Back Design) with a Dead-Length® Workstop

The collet pulls the workpiece against a fixed-axis stop for length control. You can unclamp workpieces to the required length and adapt them to the workpiece geometry by using a matched workpiece stop. The workpiece stop can be removed for bar work.

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2. Style DL (Push-to-Close) with Dead-Length® Style

The Style DL quick change is a push-to-close design with a dead length work stop. The collet and work stop are both stationary to provide precise length control. This feature makes it possible to accurately transfer parts to within .0005″.

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Custom solutions for every manufacturing need

FlexC 100 Air WrenchHardinge’s custom engineering department can design and manufacture special FlexC collets for any application. Special applications include stepped holes, special shapes, off-center and more.

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