La iniciativa de reubicación "Made in the USA" de Hardinge se fortalece

Relocation of Milling & Turning Machines to Elmira, NY Move Forward at Full Throttle

ELMIRA, NY (January 25, 2022) – In December 2020, Hardinge announced the move of its milling and turning machines from their Taiwan plant to its Elmira, NY facility.  This move enables Hardinge to furnish its customers with a complete line of advanced milling and turning products supplied out of America.

In fact, the start-up of the new assembly line is now beginning to ship machines in the first quarter of 2022.  Hardinge’s Chandra Urs, Chief Operating Officer, expects the momentum from this shift to the United States to continue throughout this year. “Since our December 2020 announcement, a lot of work has been done to build up the capability and resources in Elmira required to meet customer demand,” said Urs. “By increasing our workforce and building off best practices from our SUPER-PRECISION operation, we’ve been able to get our new employees up to speed very quickly.  Demand for these products have been great, we already have much of our Q1 production schedule spoken for 2022.”

Machines in Production in Elmira, NY

Even with the increased employment base, Hardinge still looks to hire more workers. “While our newly hired employees are undergoing extensive training and education, we still have over 70 job openings to fill in America,” announced Jeremy Michael, Director of Global Product Management Turning & Milling.

Our customers in both America and Europe welcome the return of American supplied Bridgeport® XR Series VMCs and Hardinge TALENT Series CNC Lathes. “When making the decision to repatriate these products back to the USA, our customers and sales channel partners expressed the importance of a reliable machine supplier located in this country,” stated Michael.

“Hardinge made the decision to focus on higher precision applications for our American and European markets.  Customers understand that with increased quality, performance and improved customer service there is a higher initial investment but over time these improvements make the investment case very easy, says Michael”.

The move to the Elmira facility will offer shorter lead times, improved customer service levels and a greater ability for full turnkey offerings for our customers. Hardinge’s Taiwan plant continues as one of Hardinge’s regional sales and fulfillment facilities, along with serving as a global engineering center supporting the company’s international customer needs.

Learn more about the American-made Bridgeport® XR-1000 y Hardinge TALENT Series CNC lathes.

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