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Hardinge ofrece una iniciativa adaptable para aprendices registrados

noviembre 21, 2022 - HARDINGE BLOG, Notas de prensa
LevelUp @ Hardinge Program

LevelUp @ Hardinge Features Customizable Apprentice Program

ELMIRA, NY (November 21, 2022) – Current Hardinge Inc. employees have the opportunity to join LevelUp @ Hardinge, the company’s new innovative apprenticeship program. LevelUp @ Hardinge program participants will receive on-the-job training and related technical instruction. Wage increases and/or job promotions are potential benefits for successful LevelUp @ Hardinge graduates.

Lisa Caracci, Hardinge Inc.’s Director of Government Affairs, who is also involved with the LevelUp @ Hardinge steering committee, calls this apprenticeship program unique because it can be implemented throughout the entire company.  “Compared to other apprentice programs we believe the LevelUp @ Hardinge four-year fully credentialed program is both innovative and creative,” explained Caracci. LevelUp @ Hardinge participants can work at their own pace throughout the program with the goal of accomplishing industry recognized credentials.

Among some of the distinctive components associated with LevelUp @ Hardinge include the following:

  • Support team composed of 1-to-1 mentor along with a team of managers,
  • Hands on Learning,
  • Personal development goals,
  • Incentives,
  • “Quick Win” milestones throughout the program.

“For example, whenever an employee accomplishes a ‘Quick Win’ milestone, such as receiving a nationally recognized credential from one of our full year programs, we want to celebrate that accomplishment with the employee,” stated Caracci.

LevelUp @ Hardinge can be customized for each apprentice, which differentiates this apprentice program from other apprentice programs. “Apprentices can receive credit for any prior learning they may have accomplished over the years,” added Caracci. “Those skills could have been achieved at either at Hardinge or at another company.”

Caracci noted how the LevelUp @ Hardinge training modules will be Hardinge branded and Hardinge specific. “Therefore, program participants will receive Hardinge centered training. Our people will be featured in the training modules using Hardinge equipment,” said Caracci.

The first LevelUp @ Hardinge program cohort includes over 20 employees. While the program has targeted current employees, LevelUp @ Hardinge will soon include new hires to the company. Caracci highlights how Veterans, as well as anyone with a high school diploma, could benefit from this program’s on-the-job training. “They get to earn, while they learn,” said Caracci.

Any employee interested in learning more about LevelUp @ Hardinge can talk with his or her manager or contact the Human Resources department.


Acerca de Hardinge, Inc.

Hardinge Inc. es un proveedor internacional, líder en la industria de soluciones avanzadas en corte de metales. Con sede en Atlanta, GA, Hardinge Inc. ofrece una completa gama de máquinas de torneado, fresado y rectificado CNC altamente confiables, así como accesorios portapiezas y máquinas herramienta de tecnología avanzada. Hardinge Group ha desarrollado una fuerte presencia global, con operaciones de fabricación en América del Norte, Europa y Asia.


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