Four CNC Turning Centers for Small- to Medium-Sized Workpieces

Hardinge has added four turning centers in its GS series: the GS 42MS, GS 51MS, GS 150MS and GS 200MS. These small-frame machines are designed to turn small- to medium-sized workpieces. Expanded functionality enables the machine to accommodate complex parts in a single setup while increasing throughput and reducing cycle time.

Both the 42MS and 51MS machines feature collet-ready main spindles, while the 150MS and the 200MS models feature three-jaw chucks. The 42MS and 150MS are equipped with an A2-5″, 6,000-rpm main spindle, while the 51MS and 200MS offer a larger A2-6″, 5,000-rpm main spindle. Subspindles, live tooling, C axis and Fanuc 0i-TD controls are standard on all models.

Options include parts catcher, part probe, tool probe, chip conveyor, and servo or hydraulic tailstock.

Source: Modern Machine Shop