Five-Axis VMC Offers Power and Precision

Hardinge offers its next-generation Bridgeport XT 630 five-axis VMC designed to achieve maximum capacity and performance in the aerospace, die/mold, medical and automotive industries. This machine has been developed and priced as a productive five-face (4+1-axis) machining center, though it provides simultaneous five-axis functionality. The X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measure 30″ × 24.8″ × 24″ (762 × 630 × 610 mm). The A axis rotates from +30 degrees to -120 degrees, while the C axis provides full 360-degree rotation. The machine is equipped with a Big Plus CT40, 15,000-rpm direct-coupled spindle with oil chiller, a 24-tool swing-arm automatic toolchanger (ATC), and a through-ballscrew chiller.

The machine has a Siemens 840D control with a 19″ LCD which the company says is sophisticated yet user-friendly. Additional options include 280-psi through-spindle coolant; XYZ linear scale; coolant system with chip conveyor; part probe; tool probe; C-axis rotary encoder; dynamic collision monitoring; 40-, 48 and 60-position toolchanger options; and a mist collector.