Kellenberger® 100– TNR Machine’s “Swiss Army Knife”

Hardinge Inc. Product Considered as the Universal CNC Grinding Machine

TNR Machine Inc. found out early how the benefits of purchasing a Kellenberger 100 far exceeded its expectations. Hardinge, Inc. sold this new high-performance, economical grinder to TNR Machine after the Dowling, Michigan company expressed a need for multiple options in order to meet its wide range of grinding operations.


Kellenberger-100 universal grinding system frontalThe Kellenberger 100 provides a grinding wheelhead featuring a choice of 10 wheel head versions. For TNR Machine Inc.’s Founder/Treasurer, Tom Watson, the Kellenberger 100 allowed his company to maintain more work in-house. “We produce mold parts and direct grinding that had to be sent outside our facility,” said Watson. “After doing some research, we found that the Kellenberger 100 could perform those functions and others for us. In fact, 80% of the parts we sent out can now be completed in-house for us.”


TNR-Machine—Kellenberger-100-1Watson emphasized how the Kellenberger 100’s newer technology provides a faster turnaround time which enhanced his business considerably. “The Kellenberger 100 allowed us to do some parts we couldn’t produce in the past,” said Watson. “In fact, because of the Kellenberger 100, we picked up 10 different jobs we weren’t capable of doing before.”

Robert Klee, Sr. Account Manager for Hardinge, Inc. who sold the Kellenberger 100 to TNR Machine, said the Kellenberger 100’s impact is far reaching. “This machine’s proficiencies are beneficial to the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries, as well as all tool and die shops,” stated Klee.


Among some of the customer benefits associated with the Kellenberger 100 include :

  • Increased productivity from higher power of the grinding wheel.
  • Greater profile accuracy due to redesigned Z-guideways.
  • Increased accuracy for non-circular grinding because of C-axis with direct drive.
  • More grinding options thanks to extended range of functions.


TNR-Machine—Kellenberger-100-2For TNR Machine, Watson cited three major reasons why his company purchased this machine from Hardinge. “The control arm, the accuracy of the machine from day-to-day, and the machine’s longevity were key factors in our decision-making process.”


Because of its proficiencies, Watson looks at the Kellenberger 100 as his company’s modern day Swiss army knife. “The Kellenberger 100 is super accurate, quick with the new controls on the wheel, and easy to set up the controls. In fact, the ability to switch from an OD to an ID grinding wheel has been a lifesaver for us,” said Watson.


About Hardinge, Inc.

Hardinge Inc. is a leading international provider of advanced metal-cutting solutions. Headquartered in Berwyn, PA, Hardinge Inc. offers a full spectrum of highly reliable CNC turning, milling, and grinding machines as well as technologically advanced workholding and machine tool accessories. The Hardinge Group has developed a strong global presence with manufacturing operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.