Hardinge, Inc. Receives High Grades in Customer Service from C&A Tool

Indiana based Engineering Company Leans on Hardinge, Inc. for Machine Parts, Applications & Support


ELMIRA, NY (May 9, 2022) – C&A Tool Engineering, Inc. appreciates how customer service never takes a back seat with Hardinge, Inc.  As one of its longtime and largest users of Hardinge’s Kellenberger, Voumard, USACH 75, and T-Series Lathe machines, C&A Tool credits the longevity of these machines to Hardinge, Inc.


Located in Churubusco, Indiana, C&A Tool, is recognized for its role in producing parts for the Aerospace, Medical, and Industrial markets. Additive, grinding, and machining are the key processes used by C&A Tool.


Some of the machines C&A Tool purchased from Hardinge are nearly 30 years old.  Therefore, if there are any technical questions about these machines in which he can’t answer, C&A Tool supervisor, Dale Cummings, has relied on Hardinge’s staff to provide the answers and solutions. “At this point, because of the age of these machines, I’m asking about parts for the machines. Hardinge has been there to help locate these machine parts for me,” said Cummings.


Robert Klee, Sr. Account Manager for Hardinge, Inc., says C&A Tool has utilized Hardinge’s products for years because of his company’s support to C&A ranging from applications to service. “C&A Tool has experienced the benefits and capabilities of our machines themselves in producing the parts it needs for its customers,” added Klee.


According to Klee, C&A Tool is not your typical machine shop. “C&A Tool believes in technology to the point where they’re not afraid to spend money on it,” Klee emphasized. “ In fact, I learn something new every time I go into C&A Tool.”


Meanwhile, Cummings has no problem telling others to contact Hardinge for its machines and service. That’s because he considers Hardinge to be a top rate company. “We’re constantly talking back and forth with Hardinge. I think they have a good thing going with its Kellenberger and USACH groups. The machinery is good,” explained Cummings.


About Hardinge, Inc.

Hardinge Inc. is a leading international provider of advanced metal-cutting solutions. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Hardinge Inc. offers a full spectrum of highly reliable CNC turning, milling, and grinding machines as well as technologically advanced workholding and machine tool accessories. The Hardinge Group has developed a strong global presence with manufacturing operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.


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