Hardinge is the expert in precise part length control, pioneering the Dead-Length 5C and 16C collets for high-production manufacturing. Our Sure-Grip Expanding Collet Systems feature built-in part length control with a double-angle design, ensuring precise workpiece lengths by securely locating them against the arbor face or a machineable work stop. This stability results in heavier cuts, improved surface finishes, and tighter tolerances, making it easy to machine long parts. We also offer custom Sure-Grip Collets for special spindle, sub-spindle, mill table, Swiss, and multi-spindle machine applications. You can even get splined or serrated surfaces for unique grips or recessed draw-plug styles for short gripping challenges.

Our Sure-Grip Expanding Collet Systems feature:

  • Standard product to grip inside diameters from 1/8″ to 4″
  • Stationary arbor / work stop location guarantees part length control and rigidity
  • .015″ Expansion range for each collet accommodates part variation
  • No “truing up” of arbor required — .0002″TIR as mounted
  • .0005″ TIR at grip surface (arbor & collet runout)
  • Collet style mounts in any machine or fixture that accepts 5C, 16C or 3J collets using existing spindle or adapter
  • Safety stop prevents damage if system is actuated without a part to be gripped
  • Specials can be made for non-round shapes, deep grips or with a recessed draw plug for gripping to the bottom of the bore

Benefit from reduced changeover time and quick centering for all styles of machine brands—Collet-Style, Spindle-Mount Style and Center Arbors.