Hardinge HQC Quick-Change collets can be changed from one size to another in less than 20 seconds. The HQC System requires less draw bar force to adequately grip the bar, greatly reducing the breakage of closing fingers and pins common when the bar varies beyond the range of a standard solid collet or master collet with pads. Eliminating the need to change collets due to normal variations in bar stock, greatly reduces the downtime normally required. Since solid collets and master collets are of a one-piece construction, considerable force is required to flex the leaves of a solid collet and bring the gripping surface in contact with the workpiece OD. Because there are no leaves in the HQC system, additional gripping pressure is directly applied to the workpiece. Higher feed rates and higher spindle speeds are possible. Because of the extra gripping force, tool life increases and parts come off the machine quicker. There is no collet shank. Therefore, the collet segments remain parallel to the stock even when there are variations in the stock size. Parallel clamping minimizes stock “push back” and requires less draw bar force to achieve the same gripping capability as conventional collets. The HQC operator-replaceable slot-seal system eliminates the need to return the collet to the manufacturer to have the seals changed.


Unique Design

There is no need to sacrifice speed for accuracy. With its unique design, the HQC Quick-Change Collet System exerts more gripping force and achieves greater concentricity control, ensuring the quality and performance that is synonymous with the Hardinge name.


Increasing Productivity

Replace your 3-Jaw Power Chuck with the HQC Quick-Change Collet System. The reduction in weight and the unique, efficient design of the HQC System allow you to increase the spindle rpm without any concern for centrifugal forces. Hi-tech cutting tools, along with faster speeds and feeds, can now be used to boost your productivity beyond your previous experience. Chucking forces are higher than jaw chucks and even higher than solid standard and master collets. The interferences associated with jaw chucks are nonexistent with the clean contours of the HQC Quick-Change Collet System.


Unique Collet Head Design with ±1⁄64″ Collet Gripping Range

The HQC Quick-Change Collet System has a working range of ±1⁄64″ (.396 mm) for under a 2″ diameter, and ±1⁄32″ (.793mm) for a 2″ diameter and over, when used on automatic screw machines and a range of -1⁄64″ to +.008″ on CNC lathes. This unique feature allows you to replace the solid and master collets currently used for bar work. The HQC collet heads are designed with special replaceable inserts that form a seal while holding the collet segments together. This unique design protects the spindle, collet body, and draw tube from chips and coolant, resulting in substantial direct cost-savings, as well as time savings.

Hardinge Quick-Change Collet Systems