Forkardt Hardinge Brand officially launched in North America and Asia


A new brand for two 100+ year-old, global Workholding Companies

Forkardt Hardinge Brand officially launched in North America and Asia

Elmira, New York, 6/10/2024 – Since Hardinge Inc.’s acquisition in 2013, Forkardt and Hardinge Workholding have been operating under the same ownership.  For the past decade, both Workholding companies have continued to go to market as standalone brands, known for a broad range of highly reliable, quality workholding solutions. Now in 2024, Forkardt and Hardinge Workholding will join as a single brand ushering in the future of Workholding solutions.  “Starting immediately in North America and Asia, the brand Forkardt Hardinge will be launched to help customers tie together over 230 years of combined Workholding history”, says Ryan Ervin, President of Forkardt Hardinge.  “Forkardt Hardinge has one of the most complete Workholding product offerings in the industry.  However, the brands were underleveraged while trying to maintain separate identities.  This new brand will help existing and new customers understand everything Forkardt Hardinge has to offer”, Ervin continues.  With over 200,000 SKUs, Forkardt Hardinge serves practically every industry and has something every manufacturer can utilize from both its standard and custom engineered products.  Forkardt Hardinge has been known for providing world class Workholding solutions in product categories including Lathe Collets, Swiss Collets & Guide Bushings, Power Chucks, Manual Workholding Solutions, Rotary Tables, Fixtures, Quick Change Systems, Custom Engineered Solutions, Workholding Accessories and more.

This name change will strengthen what has made these iconic brands what they are today.  Both Forkardt and Hardinge Workholding have been relied on for precision, quality, and innovation. For the past century, Forkardt and Hardinge Workholding consistently delivered superior solutions that can be found in nearly every industry and manufacturing sector.  Now in 2024, those solutions will be delivered under one name.  The core of Forkardt Hardinge lies in its team of experienced sales and design engineers who can help specify the right Workholding solution for a customer’s need. Their dedication to innovation and a customer-first mentality ensures that you’ll always have access to the latest Workholding technology.

Be on the lookout for the latest information from Forkardt Hardinge in America

“We are excited to tell the world what Forkardt Hardinge has to offer”, says Brent Sharkey, Forkardt Hardinge’s Marketing Manager.  “A new website, social media platforms and marketing materials are actively being launched across America and Asia, with Europe following shortly after.  We have a wealth of solutions highlighting quality, competitive, American Made Workholding that is sure to resonate well with customers here in America”.  Forkardt Hardinge employs over 315 individuals globally with more than two thirds of them located in America.  When precision is non-negotiable, Forkardt Hardinge is the Workholding partner you can turn to.  Experience Forkardt Hardinge for yourself by visiting the new website, or explore their ecommerce website, You can also call 833-791-9681 to speak with one of their Customer Service Representatives.


For more information about Forkardt Hardinge and the new co-branding launch, please contact Brent Sharkey at