High-Quality Products – All materials used in a U.S. facility must adhere to strict safety and quality standards, making “Made in the USA” label synonymous for excellent products. With production facilities located nearby, U.S. manufacturers can tightly control production processes and schedules, quickly resolve problems, and achieve high product quality that meets clients’ specifications. Our U.S. operations will allow Hardinge to work closely with our clients to turn out advanced machining solutions suited to their specific industry and applications.

Shorter Lead Times – It’s a complex, risky process to ship products from overseas locations, so companies who manufacture abroad often face product shortages and/or excessive lead times. U.S.-made goods have much simpler distribution processes and can be delivered more quickly to customers. By avoiding overseas shipping, there’s less chance of product damage, loss, and delays. Hardinge’s U.S. facilities will provide our customers with shorter lead times for tailor-made, high-quality milling and turning products assembled in the USA.

Improved Customer Support – U.S. manufacturers often find easier to collaborate with local customers on tailored solutions for specific applications. Our U.S. location enables Hardinge to put our Customer First philosophy in action and work closely with American companies on innovative, high-precision milling and turning products that meet the stringent machining demands of industries such as aerospace, defense, medical and technology.

Better Inventory Control – Thanks to the “Amazon effect”, customers are accustomed to fast order turnaround and immediate product availability. In response, companies with international suppliers often maintain large inventories to avoid running out of products, which can drive up costs for storage space and labor. Domestic manufacturers, on the other hand, can better control product availability so that it meets forecasted demand. Distributing Hardinge product lines through well-established US partners will ensure customers can quickly receive our innovative, high-quality milling and turning products.