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Hardinge understands that it is difficult for many companies in the manufacturing sector to have access to the critical skills required to support their daily operations. This can be a result of factors such as downsizing operations, employee turnover, vacation scheduling or absenteeism. Hardinge offers a solution for customers through its Customer Contract Support Services Program.

Hardinge Customer Contract Services provide you with a wide array of support services to choose from, going well beyond the traditional pre-sale or warranty support offered by Hardinge. These services are performed on a paid basis in a method that is right for your business-either "pay as you go" or purchase "service contracts" that cover a specified block of time. Either way provides peace of mind and takes the worry out of wondering how and when you'll get the needed support to meet your deadlines.

Hardinge is world-renowned for designing and manufacturing the highest quality machine tools available in the industry. It is this same expertise we can bring to your business to help you be competitive and profitable.

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