HCAC Collet Adaptation Chucks

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Product Description

Hardinge HCAC Collet Chucks offer collet capability for higher precision and accuracy when you need it. Increase productivity, capability and control when compared to 3-Jaw chucks: Faster job changeover using collets Higher spindle speeds - reduced cycle times Larger work envelope Achieve higher precision Improved concentricity for optimum part roundness Exact part length control Interchangeable Style "S" master pads accommodate a wide range of workpiece sizes and configurations OD Sure-Grip Dead-Length Collet ChuckHardinge combines Sure-Grip parallel gripping technology, Dead-Length exact part length control and a wide gripping range into one collet chuck to increase your productivity. Available in 42, 65 and 90mm sizes for A2-5, A2-6 and A2-8 spindle noses.